How it all began…

When I was young, I didn’t think it odd at all that my Mom knew where to look for spring asparagus and morel mushrooms in the woods around her hometown in southern Indiana.I thought that everyone knew where to find Yerba Buena growing in the redwood groves of the Oakland hills.Summer trips to the southern end of the San Francisco Bay were to buy tomatoes, corn, strawberries, cherries, and pears (oh the sweet pears!) in what is now Silicon Valley.

When I was a tot, our family located in Castro Valley when my parents moved part and parcel to their newly adopted state of California.Years passed, my family moved to Oakland, life happened, yet my mother continued my lessons in “putting up” food, foraging, keeping chickens, and home keeping as Urbanites in the city.Fast forward and I find myself back in Castro Valley, the keeper of knowledge for our family recipes and gardening techniques and smack dab in the middle of the new, yet ancient, craft of Urban Farming.

What Makes This All Possible…

These days, many people are asking me why I left the corporate world to venture out into business on my own. The economy is doing the hula, jobs are as jumpy as a cricket.  To make it even more interesting, I jumped into two businesses – one that centers around this blog, and another that speaks to my heart and business sense.

In the middle of all of the world change, two women who are stellar business partners came my way. They had a little start-up that is self-funded, debt-free, and bringing in profit. I could join them as an independent consultant as they launch throughout the U.S. and go global.

These two women happen to be Drs. Katie Rodan and Kathy Fields. If the names don’t ring a bell, use some of your Google time today to check them out.  The new company is Rodan + Fields Dermatologists.   What these world-class doctors did for acne with Proactiv Solution, they are now doing for aging and damaged skin.

The unexpected gifts that have come my way through this year are beyond my business plan. The two I value most are:

  • The knowledge that a Glass Ceiling no longer exists in my world
  • And the wonderful people I interact with every day

Are you interested in having the best skin of your life?  Or, even better, would you like to join me as this company launches across the nation and prepares to go global?  The opportunity is here for what you need – be in part time extra income to a full time career. Learn more now!

Send me a note  I’d love to talk with you!



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